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Gulf Legal Consultants

Dr. Jumah Nasser Al Kaabi

Founder / Managing Partner

We live by our tenet that “Our Firm succeeded by helping our clients succeed”; of course, we owe and attribute our success to our valued clients who continuously showered us with their trust and confidence to handle their legal issues and concerns.

However, our Firm is also most aware that our Firm’s success is a result of team efforts and contribution attributed by the team members consisting of our competitive and trustworthy legal consultants together with the rest of the GLC team members, being our internal clients.

Areas Of Practice

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GLC is knowledgeable and well-experienced in the fields of commercial, civil, criminal, family, inheritance, corporate, financial, construction and administrative litigations. The office represents local and international clients before the Qatari courts and provides the appropriate litigation assessments and consultations pertaining to these sectors.


GLC assists local and foreign businesses launch and grow their operations in the State of Qatar and other international markets, by offering the relevant legal advices, which include:

Technology, Media & Telecoms

GLC offers legal counsels to numerous leading & newly established media and technology organizations, at the local & the global levels. The office stays up-to-date with industry developments and offers clients legal and practical resources. The office has also established numerous media bodies, including; issuing of the companies’ rules and structures, developing the satellite contracts and their technical and communications services, as well as participating in several prominent committees in this sector.


Due to the fact that many of its attorneys and consultants are registered as international arbitrators in both local and international arbitration bodies and committees, GLC handles a large volume of arbitration matters. In the best interests of its clients, the office has successfully mediated several conflicts between disputing parties and has been able to achieve amicable settlement agreements; thus, avoiding the need to proceed with legal actions before the courts.

Dispute Resolution

GLC prioritizes resolving the conflicts with the least amount of time, expenses and legal involvements possible. Should legal arrangements be necessary, the office is fully equipped to take the immediate actions and proceed with all the required procedures. As a result, the office has defended several clients in a variety of proceedings before all courts in the State of Qatar as well as in numerous other countries.

Real Estate Development

Assistance with real estate development sector, including construction, purchasing, selling and leasing of retail and residential units, plots, and all associated business transactions, is GLC’s area of expertise. The office offers support to its clients on all tax systems and administrative laws, for the sake to avoid them breaking of labor, environmental or tax regulations.

Intellectual Property

GLC employs attorneys with extensive backgrounds in information technology, e-commerce, patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, and unfair competition to handle intellectual property rights matters. Due to the office’s exceptional knowledge in intellectual property rights, both local and foreign clients have been able to maximize the value of their intellectual properties. In order to register and provide licenses for proposed trademarks and company names for usage in the State of Qatar and other GCC countries, GLC conducts trademark and trade name investigations. The office files lawsuits and applications for both domestic and international trademarks.

Banking & Finance

Due to its effective handling of numerous institutional cases, including banks, financial institutions, accounting firms, financing companies, insurance and reinsurance companies, property management firms, and brokerage houses, GLC has a well-established reputation in the banking and accounting fields. This illustrates the office’s capacity to offer accounting services as well as the necessary legal knowledge encompassing all financial domains. 


GLC possesses a wealth of legal expertise about topics pertaining to human resources and personnel concerns. The office has a long history of offering assistance to foreign and local businesses as well as governmental bodies regarding the creation of their organizational structures, rules, employee contracts, and career paths. The office also offers legal advices to the individuals pertaining to their conditions of employment contracts, labor legislations, pertinent rules and guidelines, and all labor and employment related matters.

Energy, Transport & Infrastructure

The attorneys at GLC are fully qualified and experienced to offer the legal guidance to the businesses involved in the infrastructure, transportation, and energy sectors. As a result, the office issued numerous specialized contracts in the domains of infrastructure, energy, and closing business transactions.


GLC offers local and foreign businesses the essential legal counsels on all tax laws and tax systems. The office handles all the processes involved in settling tax disputes and establishing contractual terms pertaining to tax obligations.

Insurance & Reinsurance

GLC is staffed by a group of skilled attorneys who provide all legal consultations pertaining to insurance and reinsurance, including handling coverage matters and settling associated disputes.

Contracts Services

GLC provides numerous legal and administrative services. Including, but not limited to:


GLC includes a number of legal professionals and consultants qualified to work in different languages, namely Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Persian, and Filipino.

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